About the Open Minded Path Lineage

The outer court membership consists of all those who participate in discussions with us, in-person or online in any of our public communities. The inner court membership consists of all those who have applied for membership and agreed to the Creed. Inner court members participate primarily online in a private Facebook group and a private Discord server, though they are also welcome at private events and rituals in the Philadelphia area. See the steps to apply for inner court membership on our application page.

Membership in the inner court of the coven is required for initiation into the lineage, but there is no requirement to initiate into the Open Minded Path lineage to maintain membership in the coven's inner court. Titles obtained in past initiations from other groups or from self-led rituals are acknowledged in our coven, and any skills obtained in this way are transferrable (so long as an Open Minded Path leader certifies the skills officially). Different skills and practices as acquired in other institutions are highly valued and respected here; the certification is just to ensure that all Open Minded Path leaders are on the same page in certain crucial skills which make our lineage distinct (marked with an 'R' on our disciplines page).

This process drastically differs from the traditional coven, which requires any new members to start over and re-learn things in a specific way as recorded by some coven record, ordinarily the Book of Shadows. Here, there is no standard for practice or belief, so we instead let skill and experience speak for themselves. This means there may be members trained in particular paths who for whatever reason are now solitary. These may have titles like High Priestess themselves, but if they are not certified as an Open Minded High Priestess, then they are not qualified to start an Open Minded Path coven. We would expect that they instead start a coven in their own lineage, should they choose to leave and start a coven of their own.

In other words, spiritual identities can be preserved amongst inner court members, with no requirement for initiation into our specific lineage. Initiation is only required for those seeking advancement along our spiritual path, the Open Minded Path, and who seek to one day start their own covens in our lineage.

The Open Minded Path is not limited to any one faith, but instead is versatile and can be modified to suit the needs of any seeker. For instance, despite the Coven of the Open Mind not having the resources to formally train a Christian Pastor, any such interested individual willing to pursue such a path solitarily would certainly be welcome in our lineage. They may one day desire to create an Open Minded Church for their local community, and assuming they are certified by their Open Minded Path leader, then they may take on the title of Open Minded Pastor and hive off of our lineage in this way.

For any questions on this subject, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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