About the Open Minded Path Lineage

Spiritual identities are meant to be preserved amongst followers of the Open Minded Path, which is why there is no central belief or practice within the OMP, nor is membership restricted in any way (see the Creed for details). Instead, the OMP is versatile, allowing for adjustments which better suit the needs of individual seekers. The requirements for advancement are generic, and while it is expected that those who walk the Open Minded Path will specialize in some disciplines over others, there are a core set of disciplines required of all seekers on the OMP, and there is a process in place to ensure anyone claiming to teach the OMP method is genuine. This ensures a well-rounded and wholly beneficial spiritual education, focused on enabling the continued learning in others independent from personal faith or practice.

That said, the Coven of the Open Mind does not have the resources to formally train anyone from any path. For example, there is no way for the Coven of the Open Mind to fully certify someone as a Christian Pastor. Any such interested individual would need to pursue such a degree in an external institution. However, whatever skills they learn there and whichever titles they achieve in that way can be transferred here, with no need to start over and work up the ranks. If they work with a Full Open Minded Leader (OML) to ensure they have all the required skills and the right mindset, then they may one become an OML themselves (in this case, an Open Minded Pastor) and lead an OMO of their very own (in this case, an Open Minded Church, where "Open Minded" just takes the place of the denomination, and would take the place of the lineage for Wiccans, etc.)

This process drastically differs from the traditional coven, which requires new members to start over and re-learn things in a specific way as recorded by some coven record, ordinarily called a Book of Shadows. In the Open Minded Path, there is no standard for practice or belief, and instead, skills and experiences speak for themselves. This means there may be members trained in particular paths who, for whatever reason, are now solitary. These may have titles like High Priestess themselves, but if they are not certified as an Open Minded High Priestess, then they are not qualified to start an Open Minded coven. We would expect that they instead start a coven in their own lineage, should they choose to leave and start a coven of their own.

Outer court members who have been active for at least 1 moon can seek sponsorship by an OML to join the inner court community (see how to join the outer court here). Those interested should approach any of our OMLs listed here with an application for membership into the lineage (Application to Join the Open Minded Path Lineage).

For more detailed requirements, see here:
Dedicant Requirements
First Degree Requirements
Second Degree Requirements
For any questions on this subject, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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