Joining the Open Minded Crossroads

The Open Minded Crossroads is an online community for academics and seekers alike, spiritual folks from any walk of life and any faith. Engage in interfaith discussions, find your niche in the spiritual community, and develop your practices further alongside other like-minded folks doing the same. Find details about our communities and how to get involved below, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter!

How to Join Online

Note: you are agreeing to upholding the Creed and accepting that our communities will be moderated in accordance with its sentiments when you join. Please review the Creed on our website and reach out with any questions before joining. Thank you!

  1. Discord Community
    1. Click here to join and create an account or sign-in (on mobile, we recommend installing the app first)
    2. Once you join, you can modify your profile with a picture, and change your label to a magical name or nickname
    3. There are many channels for different kinds of discussions, some with specific topics, and some for any topic
    4. Find an overview of channels and general rules in the welcome-and-rules channel (under the Administrative sub-heading)
    5. A good place to start is the introductions channel; let us know about you and your practice, and why you've joined
    6. In the bot-channel, you can change the color of your name (type -role to see a list of colors)
    7. Avoid tagging everyone, but feel free to tag individual people by putting the "@" symbol before their username in your message
    8. Feel free to use the voice channels at any time! Reach out to an Open Minded Leader (OML) with questions or issues
  2. Other Communities
    1. Find us on Reddit
    2. Follow us on Tumblr
    3. Keep up with the coven on Instagram and Snapchat (username: covenopenmind)
  3. We are no longer on Facebook
    1. Our lineage fundamentally disagrees with Facebook's terms of service regarding legal names being required on all accounts, which is discriminatory against religious people everywhere. We urge everyone to boycott the use of Facebook until they change their terms of service, as the LGBTQ+ community is also affected, likewise anyone running from abusers or stalkers. Furthermore, Facebook is inherently non-spiritual, and we believe our lineage would be better served by a truly free and private online space.
    2. We apologize for any inconvenience, and ask seekers to join the Discord community below. Thanks for understanding!

Online Learning

All students seeking 1:1 training or guidance from the Open Minded Leadership should join the Crossroads, as growing with a group of peers is undoubtedly the best way to ensure a well-rounded spiritual experience. Online learning is available on our Youtube channel, and is designed to be done at any pace, with little outside guidance needed. Course assignment submissions are only accepted from lineage members, but there is a channel on our Discord server for discussing the coursework with peers. Find relevant course information (where applicable) here. Our Google Classroom has been discontinued, sorry for any inconvenience.

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