We believe in freedom of choice and will, of practice and faith. We believe our divinity is our own. We believe that working with others is a worthwhile endeavor, and that even so, it is only through gaining knowledge of ourselves that we can build a personal relationship with the divine. In this way we focus on our personal growth, treating the beliefs of others as ideas to fuel our own thoughts and guide us down our spiritual paths, even if these differing beliefs would not suit us themselves. We hold no grudges, we hold no biases, and we do not discriminate based on religion, magical discipline, or any mundane reason.

All are welcome within our ranks so long as they agree to the following statements:

We believe in compromise, we believe in sharing knowledge freely, and we believe in working together to build a better world for all. To each their own rede, and as for our creed, we intend to protect and stand by our fellow members through thick and thin, through stormy and serene. We are one family, bonded in a spiritual oath to keep secret the details of each other’s and all of our lineage's doings and sayings.

There is no requirement to worship, no requirement to serve, and no requirement to make payments to maintain membership within the lineage. The only requirements are to act and speak in accordance with the above, to respect others within the lineage at all times, and to participate in the Crossroads, and always with an open mind.

We are seekers, of free thought and free body. We promise to stand in circle in perfect love and perfect trust, and to always uphold our oaths of loyalty and discretion to the lineage and to all of its members. This pact is not one of servitude, but of voluntary good will and good intent, given freely in order to ensure an environment of learning and benefit for all. For though we come together under the banner of this lineage, let it still be known that...

“... we owe no allegiance to any person or power greater than the divinity manifest through our own being.”
-The Council of American Witches, April 1974

So mote it be.

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