Applying to Join the Coven

Membership at this time is primarily online (via Facebook + Discord), but in-person membership is possible for those located in the Philadelphia area. Membership in the coven is required of all students of High Priestess Tehilah, so if interested in 1:1 teaching, still please apply in accordance with the below steps.

How to Apply Online

  1. Review the Creed on our website and reach out with any questions
  2. Download the Application Form
  3. Answer the Questions
    • This is not a quiz!
    • The Coven of the Open Mind does not discriminate based on religion, magical practice, or for any mundane reason
    • The purpose of the application is to get a little information about our membership as a whole while also ensuring you as an individual swear to uphold the Creed
  4. Email the Application Form to
    • Please include "New Applicant" and your name in the subject line
    • Expect a response within a few days
  5. Participate in an Online Interview
    • Someone will be in touch to schedule a time to chat online
    • Not every magical family suits every seeker, so this is the time to make sure we are right for you, too

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